Ways to separate the dry and wet areas of your bathroom

The kitchen and the bathroom are two accident-prone areas in a house. But unlike the kitchen, children go to the bathroom frequently. 

And the thing about bathrooms is that they are a space that people use to shower, bathe, wash their faces and brush their teeth—they are almost always wet. So, in a room that is prone to slips and falls, how do you ensure that it is safe for not only children but others as well?


Separating the wet and dry areas

The wet area is for you to have any water-based activity such as taking a shower or a bath. And the dry area is usually used for vanity and toilet. The idea to separate the two areas is to ensure that users can easily go to the toilet or apply their face cream without having to wet their feet. 

Let’s say if you have a guest coming over and they want to go for a quick toilet break. Don’t you think it’s more convenient for them to go in and out dry? 


Benefits of separating the wet and dry areas


  • It creates two usable spaces

When you separate the two areas, you create two distinct usable spaces. Instead of having all bathroom-related activities in one space, you can separate them and avoid any unnecessary mess.


  • Helps protect your dry area from mould

Moisture and heat will cause a humid environment that is ideal for mould spores to grow and spread across your bathroom. When you separate your wet and dry areas, you can keep the dry area away from dampness and mould.


  • Protect sanitary ware

Sanitary wares and electrical appliances in your bathroom are prone to damages as they are exposed to a humid environment for a long time. For example, if you have a washing machine inside your bathroom, it could get rusty and become damaged due to moisture. But by separating the two areas, the washing machine could stay dry, be better protected, and last longer.


  • To avoid slipping and falling

As mentioned before, the bathroom is an accident-prone zone as the floor is usually wet and slippery. When separating the wet and dry areas, you can reduce the risk of slip and fall. But another great idea to avoid any bathroom injuries is to put a non-slip mat. 


Stylish ways to separate the wet and dry areas of your bathroom


1. Using a glass shower enclosure

You can add a glass shower enclosure without having to remodel the whole bathroom. It is also a great option if you are working with a small bathroom space as the transparency of the glass makes the bathroom look more spacious. Not to mention that it requires very low maintenance, is easy to clean, very durable, safe, and has low chances of moulding. 


2. Half glass partition

Similar to a glass shower enclosure except it only covers half of the shower space. A half glass partition doesn’t have doors so it creates a walk-in shower. But despite covering only half of the wet area, the design prevents water from splashing into the dry area. It also makes the bathroom look more spacious. 


3. Shower curtains

A shower curtain is a budget-friendly solution as all you need to do is install a waterproof shower rod and get a shower curtain that you fancy. The best shower curtain material would be PEVA (polyethylene vinyl acetate) or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) curtains as they are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

4.Low-level shower space

Another way to separate the dry and wet areas without having to spend big bucks is to have the floor level of the wet area about 5-10 cm lower than the dry area and install a barrier edge about 5-10 cm high on the floor to act as a divider. This is to prevent the water from flowing to the other side. However, this doesn’t stop the water from splashing, so, it is recommended to pair this method with a shower curtain.


5. Stone cubicle

Natural stones are great materials to pack moisture—water will dry off naturally and there is no need for you to wipe off the water on the partition, unlike when using glass partitions or shower curtains. Using a stone cubicle ensures privacy and gives a sense of openness as it is not covered by the ceiling.  


What do you think of our suggestions? You can try out any one of these methods and let us know if it works to separate your wet and dry zones for a safer, drier, and more convenient bathroom! Need a more personalised solution? We can help.


To get your home designed and decorated to your liking by professionals, get in touch with us now! We will bring your dream home to life. 

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