Simple ways to have the Purr-fect pet-friendly home!

Are you a dog or a cat person?

If you love cats or dogs as much as we do, then you’d agree that our pet’s comfort and safety is always our number one priority. As much as it’s important to find a home that is close to parks, pet shops and vets, never overlook the overall design and structure of your home.

Do you see your home from your pet’s point of view?

Of course, in your eyes, your home and interior design must be elegant and stunning. But try and look from a different perspective—low on the ground. Are there any potential dangers like loose wires, sharp corners or areas that can collect dust?

If your home is not your own, but a shared space for you and your pets, here’s what you can do to give them a comfortable living space:

7 Simple ways to make your home pet-friendly

1) Create a designated space for your pets to sleep

It’s not advisable to have your pet sleeping on the living room floor because people come in and out of the living room frequently. If someone fails to spot your pet, they can potentially trip over them.

What you can do instead is to have a designated sleeping and eating area for your pet. Simply allot a bed or have a beautifully decorated nook for them to rest. It’s also equally important to designate a space for them to do their business! Avoid having this space anywhere near the kitchen if you don’t want to deal with the smell when you’re cooking.

2) Have a climbing space for cats

Did you know that cats feel safer when they’re on higher ground? They also demand privacy when they’re in “their home”. So if you own a cat, it’s always a good idea to have a designated place for them to scratch, climb, perch and chill.

3) Ensure that there is enough space for your pets to roam around

It’s important to know that, just like you and me, cats and dogs need their personal space too. Your home must allow enough space for your pet to move around, lie down, play, sit and stand comfortably. Remember, bigger pets mean bigger space!

4) Install scratch-resistant flooring

Whether you own a cat or a dog, these cute little creatures love to put their nails in action. To protect your floor from scratchings, install scratch-resistant floorings such as bamboo, cork, or laminate flooring. You can also use ceramic, stone, or cement tiles. But if you don’t want to change the flooring that you have now, you can use carpet tiles, a budget-friendly cover that is easy to install and remove.

5) Use indoor/outdoor or synthetic rugs

When buying a rug, be sure to look for rugs that can handle wear and tear—something like low pile synthetic rugs. Indoor/outdoor rugs are also a good choice because you can easily clean them outside with a hose. When shopping for rugs, avoid rugs with fringe and find those with busy patterns so that they can hide any stains, fur or dog hair. But keep in mind that darker rugs are known to show drool stains.

6) Install pet-safe window treatments

Don’t we all love it when our pets stare out the window to look at the people outside? If your pet spends most of its time sitting by the window, you need to make sure that you don’t use blinds with dangling strings, cords or chains. This is to prevent them from choking or being tangled up. Instead, install pet-safe window treatments such as shutters or cordless blinds.

You can also install pet screens if you live in a high-rise building. It looks similar to a bug screen but it allows you to safely open your window without having to worry about your pet jumping out.

7) Keep your space clean and organised

Treat your pet like how you would a baby. Avoid having any small and fragile objects within your pet’s reach, ensure that your house is free from loose wires and sharp corners, and keep your house organised to steer clear of any hazards. To make it easier for you to organise and clean, keep all their toys in a box, place a mat under their food or water bowls to prevent spills and use covers for your sofa.

If you follow these seven simple tips, you not only create a home design that is safe for your pets, but you will also have a cleaner and more organised home space.

Owning a pet means your home is not your own, but a shared space for both you and your pet. So just like how you’d want your home to give you feelings of comfort and security, the same should apply to your pet too.

Need more home design tips from us? Just get in touch with us and we will bring your dream home to life.

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