Easy and simple ways to transform your living room


Did you know that the design of your living room or your overall home interior can affect your mood? Yes! Psychology plays a huge part in interior design.


To give your home the feeling of comfort, happiness and safety, you can look back at all of the things that make you happy! Ask yourself this—what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you step into your home? Does it give you joy or a sense of security?


If you find that your home design no longer gives you the feeling you seek, know that there are small ways for you to spruce it up. As the saying goes, tiny changes make a big difference! And in this article, we’re going to share with you small updates you can do to bring new life to your living room.


What tiny makeovers does your living room need?


1. Give your wall a WOW factor

Although empty white walls make your room appear bigger than it actually is, it leaves little to no room for creativity. Your wall is a space for you to showcase your personality and style. As we mentioned before, the interior of your room affects how you feel. Therefore, to give your guests a wow factor when they enter the room, create a feature wall.

Instead of making big changes such as repainting the wall or putting up wallpaper, simply switch up the wall decor with a gallery wall or put one big piece of statement art. This wall will definitely bring life to the room.


2. Rethink the design of your rug

Rugs—they tie the whole room together. This is why choosing the right rug is much more important than you think! With every new rug you put, you bring a new life to the room. If you are trying to save up from buying brand new furniture, try switching to a new rug and see what it does to your living room.


Look for a carpet or rug that is made of faux fur if you prefer a softer atmosphere and rugs made out of brighter material if you prefer a warmer-colored area. But be sure to consider the size of the rug! The last thing you’d want to do is to overwhelm the floor space.


3. Move around your furniture

If you own a 3-room HDB flat, your living room space can be quite cramped. Therefore, it is recommended for you to opt for visually light and double-duty furniture. But if you are on a tight budget, you can still work this out by moving around the furniture that you have now.


You’d want to rearrange your furniture by looking at the visual weight. For example, when you place one large item on one side of the room, balance it out with something of similar size on the other side. When you change the layout of your furniture, you can transform your living room to appear brand-new.


4. Add a touch of green

Regardless of what type of aesthetic you want to achieve with your living room, you can never go wrong with plants. Not only does greenery adds life to your design, but it also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, help you sleep better, and improve the air quality of the room. 


And with the different types of plants that you can work with, there really is no limit as to how you can incorporate greenery into your living room design. For a more minimalistic interior, opt for large plants to make a statement in the room. But for starters, use low-maintenance plants such as cactus, air plants, or aloe—you can place them anywhere you like!  


5. Give your room texture and movement

Textures give your room more depth. Depending on how you want your living room to look, choose patterns that further define the theme that you have in mind. One easy way for you to incorporate textures and patterns into your living room design is to use throw pillows. 


With throw pillows, you can always change their covers to fit the overall look of the room. Think of the different patterns, colours, and textures of your throw pillows to add more dimension to your design. And don’t be afraid to mix styles when picking out throw pillow patterns! 


You can also add some movement to your living room by using floating shelves to place your knick-knacks. Play around with what you want to put on them—you can showcase your book collection and arrange them by colours or display some of your favourite photo frames. The choice is yours!

Transforming a room doesn’t always mean having to get started on a grand renovation or a total home makeover. If you find something small that helps to beautify your room, just roll with it. Remember, every little thing counts! From incorporating simple throw pillows to rearranging the furniture, there are multiple ways for you to change the look and feel of your living room without having to spend the extra bucks.


But if you are at your wit’s end, not knowing what else to do to transform your living room, have professionals do it for you. To get started, get in touch with us now, and let us bring your dream home to life.     

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